Introduction of Preschool Weather Theme

Introduction of Preschool Weather ThemeWeather is one of the natural phenomena that occur on earth, with conditions that can change every day or can change in a short time. This phenomenon occurs because of differences in humidity and temperature in an area. This kind of thing you can also teach to children, of course, with language that is easy to understand and basic materials. Well, what are the basic materials that you can provide relating to preschool weather themes?

Basic Material Preschool Weather Theme

As early as possible invite children to recognize natural symptoms that arise such as weather. And give him new knowledge that is essential to the weather. Here are the basic materials for preschool weather themes.

  1. Components in Weather

The occurrence of weather can be affected by existing components. Well, try to navigate to recognize weather components such as the sun, clouds, wind, air temperature, humidity and rainfall. When teaching a preschooler with a weather theme, you can take him to an open space and observe the component.

  1. Various kinds of weather

When describing the types of weather that are likely to occur as a result, try to convey them in a simple way. Begin to introduce changes in temperature from cold to hot or vice versa and change the state of the sky from sunny to cloudy or overcast to rain.

  1. Weather characteristics

You can describe the characteristics of this weather in stages, such as when it is in clear weather, the characteristics of which are bright sunlight, unobstructed clouds, and wind that blows breezy. Then when you and your child are experiencing rainy weather invite to observe the situation around, usually when it wants to rain the sky blackens, accompanied by thick clouds and strong winds.

  1. Impact Caused

To explain the effects of the weather, you can relate it to disasters that may arise. For example when rainy weather occurs with high intensity, then this can cause flooding. In addition, the impact that can be caused by prolonged hot weather can be a sign of the coming of the dry season, so that drought can occur. Attributing one event to a certain effect will facilitate learning of preschoolers on weather themes.

  1. Activities That Can Be Done

Give examples of activities that can be done, such as when the rainy weather is more frequent than the hot weather that is planting rice for farmers, basic things like this you need to introduce to children. Then provide knowledge when the weather is hot and the sun appears usually used to dry clothes, or farmers to dry their rice in the sun.

Well, that’s the description in this article that can be used as a reference when studying relating to preschool weather themes. Because this weather is related to natural phenomena, encourage children to learn from nature, and instill a love and care for nature. To add references of weather theme preschool materials visit the website which provides a variety of preschool worksheets. I hope this helps.

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The Right Stages to Support the Development of Preschoolers

The Right Stages to Support the Development of PreschoolersThe stage of development of preschoolers is a serious concern for parents so that their children always get more attention. Do not let the preschool children do not get attention, this certainly makes your child experience slowness in growth and development. Remembering is not only in the form of responsibility for raising it, but you as a parent must be able to support your development and be smart to form a good person.

Tips to Support the Development of Preschoolers

On this occasion we will explain some tips to support the development stage of preschool children. This needs to be considered by parents in order to support the development of their children. Curious what are the tips? Let’s, see the following explanation:

  1. Placing children in a healthy environment

You need to know together that preschool children aged 3 to 6 years, they will try to show their true personality. Therefore here the role of parents is very important to be more responsive and more sensitive. Of course, each child has different uniqueness. So as a parent you cannot be selfish to force children to follow you. One of the right choices is to provide a healthy environment so that you will be able to grow and develop into a person who has a good personality.

  1. Give children the opportunity to practice independently and play

One very important factor to support children’s growth and development is to give them the opportunity to play. With play activities, in terms of mental, physical, and emotional children will be better trained. Of course, by playing a child will get a lot of useful things. In addition you as parents also need to look for them to be independent, develop imagination and socialize.

  1. Avoid giving nicknames or labels to children

The next stage of development of preschoolers is not to give a nickname for children. Considering these times children are more sensitive to a variety of things. Of course, so that children continue to grow their confidence so you do not give labels like stubborn, fat or others.

  1. Give a good example

As a parent you are a good example for your children. So you become the first person to become an example for children to easily emulate. So make sure you set a good example for your child. As in being must be more polite, patient, friendly with anyone, and many others. So that way you will direct the child to be a good person.

Thus the discussion of several tips that you can apply to support the development of children at the age of 3-6 years. These preschool days the role of parents is really important to provide opportunities to play and instill good personality values for children. Hopefully this discussion is useful for those of you who are educating their children to be the best.

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